New MixTape! The Summer 2016 Mix – 2 Discs – Listen Now!


Just in time for Memorial Day!  2 brand new mixes!  2 full hours of brand new music get start your summer off right!  I know its been almost two months since I put out a new mix, but I promise you, this is worth the wait.  All of the currents AND all of the songs that are going to blow up this summer!  You know the drill by now… If you are a podcast subscriber, check your itunes, the mixes should be there now.  Otherwise, head over to on ANY laptop, phone or tablet and listen now.  (You can also download there as well).  If you wanna check out the track listing or if you want direct links, click “read more” below.  Welcome to Summer 2016!  Enjoy!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 5.28.16 – Walrus


Memorial Day Weekend in Boulder… Boulder Creek fest, Boulder Boulder, and about 40,000 tourists.  Always makes for a good night out!  Last night got buys early and got crazier and crazier as the night went on.  Definitely one of my favorite nights of the summer so far!  As for the pics, you can click HERE to check out the facebook gallery.  I took tonight off, but if youre going out, Walrus is having a memorial day party tonight with $1 wells!  Might wanna check that out. Im gonna  be locked in the studio finishing up these new mixtapes.  Check back for those in a couple days!  See you all next week!

Graduation Weekend 2016 at the Walrus – Video

Pics From Last Night – Grad Weekend 2016 – Friday & Saturday, 5.6 & 5.7.16 – Walrus


Anyone who knows me knows that Grad Week has a lot of mixed feelings for me.  This is the week I look forward too most out the entire year for a lot of reasons.  But its also when we say goodbye to a lot of people Ive come to know and love over the past 4 years.  If you are one of those people… I’m being so sincere right now; Thank you for rocking with me these past few years; Thank you for making Boulder the perfectly amazing place it is; Congratulations; and Good luck!  This week is also the busiest week of the year (or in the case of the Walrus this year.. the busiest week of ALL TIME!) I’ve been going non stop since tuesday (obviously most of you have too!).  Anyway, I might say this too often, but I always mean it.  THANK YOU, Boulder!  I live for this shit!  Grad Week is always proof to myself as to why I do this.  I wouldnt want to be doing anything else, and I wouldnt want to be doing it anywhere else.  As for the pics though, we grouped friday and saturday at the walrus together in one album.  Click HERE to check that out.  I will also have a video ready for you in the next week or so.  Stay tuned for that.  But most important… Congratulations Class of 2016!!!

Special Event – Thursday, 5.5.16 – Top Flite Empire Performance


Every year, I try to do something special for Grad Week.  This year, we’re taking it up a level!  Thursday night, 5.5.16, I’ll be bringing in Top Flite Empire to host AND do a 10 minute performance at Boulder House!  This will seriously be a night you wont want to miss!  My thank you to you all for such an amazing year!  Click “read more” below to check out the full sized flyer.

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 4.28.16 – Boulder House


2nd to last thursday of the school year… Boulder has been crazy all week!  Last night was no exception!  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Tag your people, share, etc.  Just a heads up; next thursday (grad week) will be crazy!  Im working on some special surprises.  Some stuff we’ve never done before in boulder.  This is gonna be legendary!  Trust me!  Im off tonight, but Ill be back at walrus saturday of course.  See you all then.  Good luck with finals!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 4.9.16 – Walrus


My favorite thing is the fact that I get to finish off my week with #walrussaturdays every week.  Somehow this party keep getting crazier.  And we are rolling into grad season.  So, we’ve got a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks.  (Ill post my full schedule for grad week soon).  As for the pics from last night though, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Next week is crazy full including SONGFEST on thursday.  Ill see you all soon!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 4.2.16 – DG Formal


Im pretty sure this is the first formal I have ever seen where they hired artists to make custom logos and backdrops.  So cool!  Anyway, a few hundred very impressive DG ladies took over an opera house and awesomeness happened.  Glad I got to be a part of it!  As for the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  This week, Ive got a full DJ schedule including my once a month cameo appearance at Press Play on Friday night.  See you all out!

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 3.31.16 – Boulder House


Back at the Foundry, the owners used to say the thursday after spring break was when everyone came out to “show off their tans”.  I dont know if thats the real reason, but this week is always incredible!  Last night was no exception.  We had some sound issues for the first half hour or so, but by midnight, we were crushing!  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Ill be at Walrus tonight AND tomorrow night.  All weekend long, baby!  See you all tonight!

New MixTape – Beats Rhymes and Tribe – A Tribe Called Quest Mix


For a lot of you, A Tribe Called Quest was before your time.  But regardless, I promise you, they inspired most of your favorite artists today.  A few days ago, Phife (one of the members of the group) passed so I thought this mix was needed.  Almost 2 full hours of Tribe mixed and cut up by yours truly.  I know this mix will be on my phone for a long time!  If you know and love Tribe, this is for you.  If you dont, you should probably learn!  Click HERE to listen or download now over at  Or, click “read more” below for a track listing.

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