New MixTape – The December 4th Project Volume 2 – Jay Z Mix


Long story short; this is a five year plan I’m working on here.  I broke down the best of Jay Z songs, guest appearances, etc and put came up with a list that will take about 5 mixtapes to do correctly (that says a lot about Jay already, right).  Anyway, last december we released volume 1 (you can grab that HERE if you missed it).  And today, we drop volume 2!  This is NOT party music.  Just to warn you!  This is some shit to ride to.  Cool Out.  Study.  Whatever.  Basically, this one’s for me.  Anyway, the mix is officially streaming now over at  You can listen to it anytime this month over there on any device instantly!  If you are a podcast subscriber, check your itunes.   It should be there now.  If you want to download the mix, click HERE (right click, save as to download).  If you wanna check out the track listing and cover, click “read more” below.  Welcome to December, folks.  Enjoy.

November 2014 MixTape – FREE DOWNLOAD


My November Mix is online and ready!  This month is ALL NEW MUSIC!  If youve been paying attention, you already know, a couple months ago, we launched a new site to make it easier than ever to listen to and download my monthly mixes.  Its great on laptops AND phones and tablets so you can go that route and head over to now to listen now!  If youre reading this late or if you like the old school methods, you can click HERE to download the mix or stream from here (left click to listen – right click, save as to download).  If you are a podcast subscriber, you can check your itunes.  The mix should alreday be there.  And of course, you can always click “read more” below to check out the track listing and whatnot.  Lots of new good shit out this month.  Enjoy!

Pics From Last Night – Friday, 10.31.14 – Halloween Night at Walrus

Another Boulder Halloween in the books.  This year it fell on a Friday Night, which is basically a recipe for chaos… and you guys delivered!  Capacity with a line down the block before 10pm might be a new record!  I will be back at walrus tonight to finish off the weekend.  Lets do it right!  As for the pics, you can use the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  See you all tonight!

Friday, 10.31.14 – Walrus

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 10.25.14 – Walrus

We broke some ALL TIME Walrus records last night, boulder! Thats saying a lot considering we’ve been here since the 70s. You guys managed to party harder than anyone in the past 40 years! And, we dont even get a chance to rest it off, because Halloween starts THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Anyway, as for the pics, you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  Or, you can always just click on the gallery below to check them out here.  It was so good to see all of you who came back in town for homecoming!  Cant wait til next year!

Saturday, 10.25.14 – Walrus

Halloween – The Ladies Night Edition – Walrus


You should probably mark Wednesday, October 29th on your calendars now!  Halloween meets ladies night at Walrus!  Heres what this means… Your first chance to show off your Halloween costumes happens to fall on a night where ladies drink FREE ALL NIGHT LONG!  This is a recipe for awesomeness, Boulder!  Just to sweeten the deal, we will also be giving away a $100 Walrus gift card to the best costume of the night.  I’m counting down the days til the 29th.  You’ve been warned, Boulder!  (click “read more” below to check out the full sized flyer)

Queen Bey – The Beyonce Mix – Mixed by DJPetey – Available Now!


The October mix is a special edition to pay tribute to the woman a lot of people call the greatest living entertainer…. Beyonce!  This is an hour long; all Bey; all mixed and cut up; all awesome; Mix!  If you havent tested out the new site yet, go hit up to stream the mix now.  It works on phones, tablets, laptops, whatever.  If you are a podcast subscriber, the new mix should be in your itunes already.  If you wanna download the mp3, click HERE. (right click, save as to download)  You can also click “read more” below to check out the track listing.  This one was crazy fun to make.  Welcome to October.  Enjoy! – Mixtapes… Anywhere… Now


We have a new (much better) way to listen to the mixtapes this year!  We spent a few months making this PERFECT for you! is a streaming player that will always have my most current mixtape ready for you to listen ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on ANY DEVICE!  You can still download the mixes at here at if you want.  But if you want to listen now, just open your browser (on your laptop, phone, tablet, whatever) and type in .  Anytime you need music, you are just one click away from it!  A lot of you have been asking for this for a while.  Here you go!  Tell a friend to tell a friend!

September 2014 MixTape – DJPetey – FREE DOWNLOAD


This is a big one, people!  I finished this one a week early so I’ve been rocking it for a little bit now.  This September mix is a beast!  Ill let you decide for yourselves though.  As always, you can click HERE to download the mix.  As of now, we have a new site for live streaming.  Go to to listen to the mix now!  We’ve been working on this for a while and made sure it works flawlessly on laptops, phones, tablets… EVERYTHING!  Click “read more” below to check out the track listing, or to see the permanent download link (if youre reading this after october 1).  I’m excited about this one!  Welcome to September!  Enjoy!

Labor Day Weekend 2014


I cant believe summer is almost over… But I pretty much need to face it.  The good news is, that means Labor Day Weekend is coming up and it gives us an extra excuse to go out on a sunday night!  This year, I will be doing my thing at the Walrus for the holiday!  Sunday, August 31st, 2014.  We will be running $2 wells til midnight so get there early if you want the deal!  Click “read more” below if you wanna check out the full sized flyer.

New Saturday Night Flyer


Last one of these.  For now at least.  Obviously everyone is getting ready for next week!  The good folks at walrus put a new spin on my Saturday Night Flyer.  If you somehow are the last person to know… Walrus Saturdays are quite possibly the best party every.  Seriously though… Anyway, click “read more” if you want the full sized version.  See you all tomorrow night!

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