Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 4.22.17 – Walrus


We got taken over by a group of 150 skiers and snowboarders from the mountains last night.  On top of the usual madness, things got taken up a couple notches.  Definitely one for the record books!  We’ve only got 3 weekends left in the school year, Boulder!  This year has been the best one yet!  Lets keep it going!  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  See you all very soon!

Pics From Last Night – Chi O Date Dash at Walrus – 3.21.17


The always amazing ladies of Chi O took over the Walrus for a couple hours yesterday for their last date dash of the year.  Pizza, costumes, and of course the legendary walrus dance party. The pics are HERE if youre curious.  Ladies night starts in a couple hours at Walrus.  Get there!

Pics From Last Night – Friday, 3.17.17 and Saturday, 3.18.17 – St Patricks Day Weekend at Walrus


Officially our biggest St Patricks Day Weekend ever!  We had to extend St Pats Day.  One day just isnt enough. Green Beer, Jello Shots, and two nights of St Patricks Day Chaos!  Couldnt have asked for a better lineup.  As for the pics, you can click HERE to check out the facebook gallery.  We’ve got one more week til spring break.  Lets make it count!  See you all soon.

The 2017 Walrus March Madness Bracket Challenge


The brackets were announced yesterday.  Time to get started!  100% FREE to enter!  The winner gets a $100 Walrus Gift Card!  We do all the tracking through the official NCAA bracket challenge site. All you have to do is fill out your bracket and join our group.  You can do all of that by clicking HERE.  Share this with your friends, people!  The more people that join, the more fun this is!  Good luck!

St Patricks Day Weekend 2017


I cant believe its already march.  This year is going by way to fast!  The good news is though, we have St Patricks Day weekend coming up!  I will be holding down walrus this year on Friday AND Saturday night.  They will have plenty of GREEN BEER on tap all weekend long and Jello Shots ready to get you in the mood on friday night.   This will be one for the books, Boulder!  Lets celebrate!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 2.25.17 – Walrus


Mom’s weekend for some.  Mardi Gras weekend for others.  Amazing party for everyone!  Walrus was crazy all weekend long!  If you were there and wanna check out the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  If you werent there, I suggest you dont miss next Saturday night!  Another big week coming up. See you all out there.

February 2017 MixTape – DJPetey


Its that time, people!  Brand new, Full length MixTape.  All New Music!  Mixed, Scratched and Produced by DJPetey.  This should carry you through your parties, study sessions, workouts etc for the next month or so.  As always, you can stream the mix on any device over at www.djpetey,fm.  The direct link is HERE.  If you wanna check out the track listing, click “read more” below.  Hope you enjoy!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 2.4.17 – Walrus


Walrus Saturdays always seem to be the perfect way to end an amazing week.  We got it started early last night and it only got crazier as we hit 2am.  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Another packed week coming up next week.  Hope you all enjoy the game today.  See you soon!

Pics From Last Night – Friday, 2.3.17 – DG Dormal (Denim Formal) – Press Play


DG decided to throw a “Dormal” (Denim Formal) last night.  We took over Press Play on Pearl Street for a couple hours.  Definitely one of my favorite parties ever!  These girls are consistently amazing!  As for the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Ill be back in the booth at Walrus tonight.  Come Through!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 1.21.17 – Walrus


A new semester is a new season in my sport… and we won saturdays game… by a LOT!  End of Syllabus week, start of a new year.  Couldnt have been better! Its so good to see you all back!  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  I’m back at walrus friday AND saturday next weekend, so prepare yourselves.  And obviously Boulder House on thursday!  See you all soon!

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