Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 1.24.15 – Walrus

2015 is already in full swing.  Another round of Walrus Saturday Night magic last night.  I honestly thought X-Games might slow us down, but last night was a little bit extra big.  Pics speak for themselves though.   You can check them out the in the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  See you all next week!

Saturday, 1.24.15 – Walrus

Mixtape Monday- Free Download


Why am I posting a new mixtape in the middle of January? Because I can! Thats why! Long story short, I was asked to DJ an “old school hip hop” party last week, but I was already booked up. So, I offered to make a mix instead. This is different for me. I didnt pick any of these songs. They sent me a list of tracks they wanted and I did my thing with it. Anyway, I figured I’d throw it up here in case you want to download it. Click HERE to listen/download now (right click, save as to download – left click to listen now). I will of course still be dropping my february mix in a couple weeks. Check back for that. And my january mix is still streaming over at now. Enjoy.

This Sunday Night – No Classes on Monday!


We’re starting this year off right, Boulder! We’ve got a 3-Day Weekend coming up, so we are going big all weekend long!  To finish it off, we’ve got a special party THIS SUNDAY NIGHT (Jan 18th, 2015) at the WALRUS.  $1 wells and $6 pitchers all night long for everyone!  DJPetey AND DJ Z-Staar handling the sounds.  This is going to be awesome!  Tell a friend to tell a friend!  See you Sunday Night!

January MixTape – Live From New Years Eve


Ive wanted an excuse to put out a straight up party mix for a while now. So, here we go. This is for everyone who came out last night to celebrate with me. You get to relive that one anytime you want! And, for everyone who was out of town and couldnt make it. You get to see how we threw down! (Also, if you wanna see the pictures from last night while this was happening, theyre HERE).  This is my set last night from about 11:40 til about 1am on New Years Eve. Instant Party! Heres how you can get it. You can go hit up right now. The mix is streaming there FREE for all of January. This site works great on laptops, phones and tablets. So you can just click and get the mix whenever and wherever you need it. You can click HERE to download the mix now (right click, save as to download). Or, if youre a podcast subscriber, you can check your itunes. It should be there any minute now. Also, you can click “read more” below to check out the track listing and cover and whatnot. I seriously want to thank any of you who had a part in making 2014 so amazing for me. I cant wait to start off this new year! Lets make it a good one! Happy New Year!

Pics From Last Night – Wednesday, 12.31.14 – NYE at the Walrus

A lot of people like to do something different on New Years Eve.  For me, I try to make it about doing my favorite thing of the past year.  Last night, me and DJ Z-Staar tore down Walrus and followed through on making sure it was the BEST party of the year!  The Pictures speak for themselves.  I cant think of a better way to start off 2015!  Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us.  We appreciate you.  Happy New Year!  As for the pics, you can click the gallery below to check them out here.  Or, you can click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Or, HERE for the google+ gallery.

Wednesday, 12.31.14 – NYE Walrus

New Years Eve 2015 – Walrus


Its somehow already the end of the year, folks.  I dont know where 2014 went, but its almost over.  You’ve got one thing left to do though and that is… Make your plans for New Years Eve.  This year I will be back at the Walrus holding down what I promise you will be Boulder’s biggest and best New Years Eve party!  DJ Z-Staar will be joining me to handle the sounds.  We will have a live video countdown on all screens (Ive already started making this year’s video and its crazy!).  We will be giving away a complimentary champagne toast for EVERYONE at midnight.  We will be selling $15 champagne bottles (you read that right… $15 champagne bottles).  Come ring in 2015 with us!  Also, stay tuned to walrus’ facebook and my twitter.  We will be giving away some VIP packages early next week to get you FREE entry, NO waiting in line, FREE bottle of champagne and a FREE hotel room for the night.  Click “read more” below to see the full sized flyer.

Pics From Last Night – Wednesday, 12.17.14 – Walrus

This is always one of my favorite nights of the year.  After a couple weeks of studying and finals and papers, everyone finishes on the same day and that day always seems to land on #walruswednesdays  .  Obviously, we had to bring the photographers out to catch it all.  And, this year, we started live posting the pics to our brand new Social TV screens in the bar!  Very cool!  Anyway, to check out the pics, you can use the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  Hope you all have a good holiday.  Stay safe and we will see you soon!

Wednesday, 12.17.14 – Walrus

New MixTape – The December 4th Project Volume 2 – Jay Z Mix


Long story short; this is a five year plan I’m working on here.  I broke down the best of Jay Z songs, guest appearances, etc and put came up with a list that will take about 5 mixtapes to do correctly (that says a lot about Jay already, right).  Anyway, last december we released volume 1 (you can grab that HERE if you missed it).  And today, we drop volume 2!  This is NOT party music.  Just to warn you!  This is some shit to ride to.  Cool Out.  Study.  Whatever.  Basically, this one’s for me.  Anyway, the mix is officially streaming now over at  You can listen to it anytime this month over there on any device instantly!  If you are a podcast subscriber, check your itunes.   It should be there now.  If you want to download the mix, click HERE (right click, save as to download).  If you wanna check out the track listing and cover, click “read more” below.  Welcome to December, folks.  Enjoy.

November 2014 MixTape – FREE DOWNLOAD


My November Mix is online and ready!  This month is ALL NEW MUSIC!  If youve been paying attention, you already know, a couple months ago, we launched a new site to make it easier than ever to listen to and download my monthly mixes.  Its great on laptops AND phones and tablets so you can go that route and head over to now to listen now!  If youre reading this late or if you like the old school methods, you can click HERE to download the mix or stream from here (left click to listen – right click, save as to download).  If you are a podcast subscriber, you can check your itunes.  The mix should alreday be there.  And of course, you can always click “read more” below to check out the track listing and whatnot.  Lots of new good shit out this month.  Enjoy!

Pics From Last Night – Friday, 10.31.14 – Halloween Night at Walrus

Another Boulder Halloween in the books.  This year it fell on a Friday Night, which is basically a recipe for chaos… and you guys delivered!  Capacity with a line down the block before 10pm might be a new record!  I will be back at walrus tonight to finish off the weekend.  Lets do it right!  As for the pics, you can use the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  See you all tonight!

Friday, 10.31.14 – Walrus
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