July 2015 MixTape – Mixed by DJPetey – Now Streaming


This month’s mix is a BEAST!  Its been 2 months of themed mixes so this month is ALL NEW MUSIC and there is a ton of it!  You know the drill by now.  If you are a podcast subscriber, the mix should already be in your itunes.  For the rest of you, can you listen to and/or download this bad boy right now at the new and very improved www.djpetey.fm.  (If you havent checked out the new site, you really should.  We now have 19 of my mixes up there for your streaming pleasure.)  Anyway, to make it very simple, click HERE for the new July Mix!  If you wanna check out the track listing, click “read more” below.  Cool?  Hope you are all having a great summer!  Enjoy the mix!  Welcome to July!

New and Improved www.djpetey.fm


We are taking things up a notch this summer.  As of now, www.djpetey.fm is has the ability to host and stream ALL of my past mixtapes.  This is awesome!  One stop shopping, people!  As of right now, we have 18 mixes loaded and we will add more this summer and hopefully get closer to a full catalog.  The site is perfect on laptops, phones, tablets, whatever!  And you can download any of the mixes directly from there as well.  Now, when you are at a house party or bbq or pregaming, you can find the perfect mix!  Go check it out.  Hope you enjoy it!

The 2015 Country MixTape – June 2015


The MixTape you love to hate! Every June, I put out my country mix for the year.  Its always the most hated on AND most downloaded mix of the year.  When youre day drinking on your porch, or spending the day on the lake though, this is what you need!  Trust me!  Anyway, you can listen or download now on any device over at www.djpetey.fm .  Click HERE if you want to go straight to the country mix.  And if you wanna check out the track listing, click “read more” below.  Welcome to #bouldersummer2015!

Blog Post: Why I’m Launching this new Tuesday Hip Hop Night


I feel like this could use an explanation. A few weeks ago, we launched a new night in Boulder. Every Tuesday at the Walrus, we pay tribute to authentic hip hop. This is not the typical open format party you’re used to if you come to my other nights. I want to explain why though. I feel like this is necessary right now. Necessary for Boulder and necessary for music in general. We are going to be doing artist showcases, emcee battles, and much much more. This is going to be a weekly show where you can come watch actual live hip hop. And hear hip hop that isn’t being played anywhere else with NO COVER CHARGE. And, we are giving EVERYONE $2 flavored vodka drinks ALL NIGHT LONG. I could have very easily promoted a drink special for ladies and thrown another party on Tuesdays, but I wanted to do something that adds to Boulder’s culture. This is about creating a new group of people who want to come hang out and meet new people. Not about seeing the same people you saw last night. If this sounds like you, come check us out! And if its not you, all of my other nights will continue to be the crazy party you’ve come to know. Hopefully you’ll come rock with us one a Tuesday though and find out for yourself.

Cinco De Mayo – Live Emcee Battle at the Walrus


We’ve got a lot to celebrate this Tuesday Night, Boulder!  1) a whole lot of you will be done with finals.  2) its cinco de mayo.  3) its hip hop night at the walrus!  This week we are taking it up a notch and hosting a LIVE EMCEE BATTLE!  We’ve gathered up some of Boulder’s best talent and they will be going head to head this tuesday night!  Cash Prize for the winner!  and just for showing up to watch, we are giving EVERYONE $2 flavored vodka drinks ALL NIGHT LONG!  THis is going to be awesome!  Mark your calendars! See you Tuesday Night.  (now go get those finals out of the way)

The 2015 Graduation Megamix


I look forward to this every year!  To acknowledge the people who will be graduating and moving on, every May I put together a megamix of the biggest songs in Boulder from the past year.  If youre one of those leaving us, its basically a tribute to your senior year of college.  Hopefully, something you keep to remember the year by.  This year, I packed 58 songs into one CD.  All cut up, and scratched up and remixed the way I do.  My graduation gift to you!  Anyway, if you are reading this in May of 2015, you can listen to or download the mix right now over at www.djpetey.fm.  On your phone, tablet, laptop, whatever.  If you are a podcast subscriber, the mix should be in your itunes now, so go check there.  (If you are not a podcast subscriber, you should be!  Click HERE for details on that.)  If you want to check out the track listing, cover or grab the permanent download link (if youre late), click “read more” below.  Congratulations everyone!  Thank you for an INCREDIBLE year!  Hope you enjoy!

April 2015 MixTape – Available Now!


Im a few days late on this one, folks.  Sorry about that. This time of year is always ridiculous busy for me.  Anyway, I finished it up today and its online and ready for you!  All new music this month.  35 current and upcoming hits from every genre.  If youre reading this in april, the best way to listen on any device is to head over to www.djpetey.fm .  If you are a podcast subscriber, check your itunes.  The mix should be there.  If youre reading this after may 1, the permanent link for this mix is HERE (right click, save as to download – left click to listen now).  You can also click “read more” below to check out the track listing.  The very popular Graduation Mix is coming in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for that.  But for now, enjoy the April Mix!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 3.28.15 – Walrus

The Grand Re-Opening of the Walrus went down last night.  We closed for spring break and worked 24 hours a day to make some improvements.  We now have an incredible sound system; a huge dancefloor; more games; better layout; easier access to drinks; etc etc.  Honestly, Im pretty proud of this.  If last night is any sign, you all seem to like it too!  Anyway, if you havent been in to see whats new, make sure and come by this week!  As for last nights pics, you can use the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  Welcome back, Boulder!

Saturday, 3.28.15 – Walrus

New Boulder Club Night AND New Special Edition MixTape – Hip Hop!


The Walrus is hosting Boulder’s newest club night every Tuesday Night starting THIS WEEK (Tuesday, March 31st, 2015).  This is gonna be an all hip hop and all REAL hip hop night!  New Kendrick and J Cole, etc etc etc and all the classics.  Ive been wanting to do this for a long time and Walrus was nice enough to host it, so we’re gonna make some moves this year!  They were also nice enough to give EVERYONE $2 vodka drinks ALL NIGHT LONG!  We also put together a mixtape to launch the night.  This is just volume 1.  Weve got a lot of music to cover, so there will be more!  To check out the mixtape now, go to www.djpetey.fm/themovement on any phone, tablet or laptop and check it out.  For those of you who have been complaining that there isnt a real hip hop night in boulder, I heard you!  Get your asses out to the Walrus this tuesday night and support it!  Click “read more” below for details on the mixtape.  See you all Tuesday Night!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 3.21.15 – Walrus

We brought out the photographer last night to capture some saturday night magic on film.  Just a heads up, Walrus will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week for spring break.  We will be in extra full effect when you all get back from spring break though!  Stay tuned!  As far as last nights pics, you can use the gallery below, or you can click HERE for the facebook gallery or HERE for the google+ gallery.  Have a good spring break!  

Saturday, 3.21.15 – Walrus
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