Thank You!

2013: Last year around this time I made a decision to dedicate myself to boulder for 12 months.  I have always split my DJ time between Denver, Boulder and some out of town work, but I wanted to see what would happen if I put 100% of my energy in to my favorite; the town; Boulder!

To be honest, this was really a business decision, but in the past year, I’ve gotten a lot more out of work than that.  The relationships I’ve built and the way I’ve been lucky enough to have a hands on approach to details in my town’s nightlife was something I took for granted back in the day and I loved every second of it this past year.
New Year’s Eve though was kind of the culmination of all of this.  Breaking sales records is one thing.  My party OWNING the town that night is fun too.  But really, the sheer number of you who came up from wherever you were to bring in 2013 with me… That felt good!  Everyone who fought through the crowd at the walrus to come up and tell me about the role I played in their year… Everyone who told me they had other plans but wanted to start this year off at their favorite party of last year… That’s what this is all about for me!
When I did my small bout as a traveling DJ: that’s what I missed in Vegas and LA.  I missed the role of (hopefully) providing my town with their favorite events every night of the week.  Maybe I’m just being dramatic, but Monday Night, I felt that 1,000 times over!
Basically, thank you!  Not only for allowing me to have a career doing what I love, but more important, for everyone who told me that I played a role in their 2012… Hopefully, you’ll let me do the same in 2013!  I’m hoping to dedicate another year to Boulder, co!
We’re gonna have fun!
Welcome to #twentythirteen
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