Whats going on with Fridays at Absinthe?

Alright… Everyone has been asking me about these absinthe fridays lately.  Heres the drilly:  In Boulder, August is when we (bar industry folks) work our asses off to get everything ready to launch for the upcoming semester.  The first announcement this year is this new friday night at absinthe…

We are no longer doing versus.  It was awesome!  But its time for change.  For those of you who have been missing versus, we love you… And you will no doubt see Z-Staar and I working together a TON this year!  Also, for those who are asking, NOTHING is going t change as far as thursday nights!  I will be holding that down at absinthe every week as always (and we are going IN this year!)

More important though, is what we ARE doing!  The new Friday night at Absinthe is called “Revolution”.  Its a night dedicated to EDM music in all forms!  Its going to have a rotating DJ schedule and I will be holding down 2 Fridays every month.  (as always, my twitter is the best way to find out when and where i am spinning).

The drink special for “revolution” is on a “beat the clock” system.  Well drinks start out at 50 cents at 8pm and go up 50 cents every half hour (so the earlier you get there, the cheaper they are!).  So, wells will cost, $1.50 at 9pm, $3 at 10:30 pm, etc etc up until midnight when they cap at their full price.

For august, I will be djing on the 9th and the 23rd.  Ill make sure to post my nights for September when that gets a little closer.  Get excited about this one, people!  We’re going to have a great year!  Stay tuned for more announcements!

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