Live at My House – 1.21.14 – The Twerk Mix – FREE DOWNLOAD

So… This one needs some explaination. Basically, there is a new trend in djing lately, where djs dont dj. They dance around and play some songs, and hit efx knobs, but they arent really doing anything while theyre up there. I decided to make a LIVE mixtape to show you what goes into mixing and scratching and cutting and DJing in general! No efx! No prerecords! Just a pair of turntables. You can watch the video now by clicking HERE! For those of you who dont care (and that might be most people), you can download the audio (mp3) for this mix HERE (right click, save as to download – left click to listen now). You can also download the video HERE (same drill). This is a quick, 20 minute mix of some new twerk shit. I like it. Hopefully you will too! My normal February mix WILL be out next week, so make sure to check back for that! For now, enjoy!

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