Lets Clear Up These Absinthe Rumors…

My texts and twitter DMs just blew up with questions about absinthe rumors that are apparently going around.  I figured I could respond to everyone at once here.

Absinthe is NOT closing.  Thursday nights are NOT going away.  Those were the main concerns most of you had so lets get that out of the way first.

What is happening is this:  Eric and Erika will be leaving the business next week.  Theres no way around it: this sucks.  Anyone who has ever met Erika knows that she is one of the overall best people on the planet.  And Eric (aside from other things) is the driving force behind what has made Absinthe a state wide destination for Deep and Tech House music on weekends.  They are moving on to start some new adventures and new business opportunities in Colorado.  So you havent seen the last of them.  But they will definitely be missed at Absinthe.

But, Absinthe is NOT closing.  And I can speak specifically for Thursday Nights… Nothing is changing!  I will still be DJing every thursday night.  The drink special is not changing.  The staff will be the same.  etc etc etc.

With new management of course, there will eventually be some changes.  Hopefully improvements that will take the bar you already love and make it even better.  I will keep you posted on those as they happen.  But for now, its business as usual, Boulder!  (other than the fact that if you know Erika or Eric personally, you should go in tonight and tell them you love them).

Just wanted to clear this up.  Thanks for your time.


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