To the Boulder Class of 2014…

I’ll keep this short and try not to get soft here.  But a couple quick things need to be said.

First off, to those of you graduating right now… CONGRATULATIONS!  But, not like in passing like you’re going to hear 673 times today and tomorrow… a for real congratulations!  Don’t let anyone tell you that this is not a BIG fucking accomplishment.  You’ve earned the right to black out for a week straight if you want, but at some point, you should take a second to realize that you just put in (at least) 4 years towards something and are walking away with what will probably be one of the most important accomplishments in your life.  That’s big!

Second though… THANK YOU!   Pretty much for letting me participate.  You guys supporting what I do, and coming out to my nights, and listening to my mixtapes, etc etc etc is what lets me continue to live in my favorite place in the world and do what I love to do in that place.  Whether we’ve met or not;  Whether we are friends or not; if you have been here for the past 4 years… THANK YOU for being a part of this whole process!  And, to those of you who I EXTRA know and love (and you know who you are)… I can honestly say this past year was one of the BEST in Boulder history!  At least for me!  That’s because of you!  I cant thank you enough!

We should probably celebrate now…

See you all very soon!


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