Boulder House (Absinthe) Thursday Nights Update/Rumors

A lot of you have been asking and hearing rumors.  Now that the official info is public, I can talk about it:

It is true that Boulder House (formerly Absinthe) will be closing on November 2nd, 2017. Shortly after, it will be renovated and will become a food operation (with a bar)… Hopefully awesome!  But definitely not the same.  On a personal level, this is very bittersweet for me.  I built thursday nights at that building back when it was “The Foundry”; rebuilt it when it was “Absinthe House” and carried it through now that it is “Boulder House”.  It had ups and downs like anything else, but without question, thursday nights in this building has been one of the longest running and most successful nights ANYWHERE.  Definitely one of the things I’m most proud of in my career and its going to hard to see it go.  That being said, change is not a bad thing!  I cant go into detail yet about what I will be working on next for Boulder, but you should definitely stay tuned!

In the meantime though, things are still up in the air.  Here’s what I do know:

This week and next week (September 7th and 14th) I will be holding down thursday night as usual.  I will be bringing the up and coming DJ Jary Mane to rock with me.  We are in the studio heavy right now working on some new material for those nights.  Also, those two nights, I have asked that they change the drink special to Ladies Drink Free ALL NIGHT LONG!  If we have to go out, might as well go out strong!  So, mark your calendars!  September 7th and September 14th are nights you will not want to miss!

As far as what happens after that, I will let you know.  Stay tuned here ( for OFFICIAL info.  I hope to see you all out this thursday night!  Let the countdown begin!

(click “read more” below to check out this thursdays flyer)


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