Welcome to 2020

THANK YOU. I probably don’t say this often enough, and this is probably not even the right place to say it, but it feels right so here it is. Maybe I’m just feeling a little to good lately. I cant help but think back and try to figure out how I got to this point. Life couldn’t be better and a lot of that is due to whoever you are reading this.

If you’re someone who is here to listen to some of my new mixes, THANK YOU for your support. If you’re someone who came out to one of my clubs or events and is checking up on me, THANK YOU for your support. If you are here from a random google search and know nothing about me, THANK YOU for taking the time to be here. The truth is, I have been able to spend all of my adult life playing with music. Scratching records, producing sounds, and hitting sample pads. That’s only possible because so many people have supported me in doing so. THANK YOU for that.

It sounds super cliche and borderline corny, but this past few months feels like it has been the result of the amazing life I’ve been fortunate enough to live. So, THANK YOU.

Hopefully some of you will continue to check back here in this new year and new decade. I will do my best to supply you with music to help get you through your days. I cant wait to see whats next!

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