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Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 1.18.18 – Walrus

School is back in session!  Syllabus week was bigger than ever!  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all capacity and now we head into the weekend!  We brought in the photog to grab some pics on thursday night.  If you wanna check those out, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  I will be back at Walrus […]

New Mix – Live from New Years Eve 2018

Had to throw this one up on the site.  For those of you who missed out on NYE at the Walrus last night, I recorded some of the set and posted it to  Amazing party!  Felt like everyone in Boulder came out to celebrate.  Definitely my favorite way to ring in a new year!  […]

New Years Eve 2017 / 2018

Its that time of year already… New Years Eve is less than 3 weeks away.  This year, I will be continuing my Boulder tradition and hosting my NYE party at Walrus.  Im also brining back DJ Jary Mane to work with me.  If you havent been to one of my new years eve events, its […]

Pics From Last Night – Delta Gamma Formal – Friday, 12.8.17 – Boulder Theater

When I get to hang out with DG AND take over the stage at Boulder Theater at the same time, its always a good night.  Plus an endless supply of mac and cheese?  Cant complain.  Its pretty much impossible for these girls to not throw a good party.  If you wanna check out the pics, […]

New Mix – The December 2017 MixTape – All New Music

This one came out nice! All new music for this December 2017 MixTape.  I’ve been doing a lot of specialty mixes lately, and havent gotten to put out an across the board, multi genre mix of newer stuff.  So, here you go!  One full hour of EVERYTHING from hip hop, to house, to pop, to […]

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 12.7.17 – Walrus

Another one in the books! Last night started off a little early and stayed crazy all night long!  Looked like a few post-formal people came through as well.  If you wanna check out a few of the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Still got a big weekend ahead of us, Boulder!  Ill be […]

New Mix – The December 4th Project Vol 5 – Jay Z Mix

Been working on this saga for 5 years now.  Every December 4th, I put out another installment of The December 4th Project (All Jay Z).  There will be 6 (maybe 7) in total.  When I started this 5 years ago, I honestly though there would be 2 or 3 of these but I didnt realize […]

Pics From Last Night – Chi Omega Winter Formal – Thursday, 11.30.17

Its officially formal season.  Before I went to Walrus on thursday, I had the honor of handling sounds for Chi O’s winter formal.  The pics dont even do it justice.  Amazing group of people celebrating this semester at the Church Ranch Events Center.  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE.  Can’t thank them […]

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 11.30.17 – Walrus

These new thursdays CONTINUE to dominate!  So dope to wake up excited every thursday morning!  Finals kick in a couple weeks so make sure you dont miss the next couple thursday nights before break.  If you wanna check out a few of the pics from last night, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Im up […]

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 11.16.17 – Walrus

We snuck in one last crazy thursday night before fall break.  Next thursday is Thanksgiving so we wont be hosting the usual weekly party.  We will be back STRONG the following week though!  If you wanna check out the pics from last night, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  I will be back at walrus […]

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