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Pics From Last Night – Chi O Formal – Boulder Theater

This has been the absolute busiest 4 months of my life.  And I get to finish off this season with a ton of formals this week and next.  Couldnt ask for a better way to start formal week than Chi O at the Boulder Theater.  I had to finish up another gig, so the homie […]

2019 Songfest Videos

Pretty much every spare second for the entire month of march is dedicated to songfest.  I had the pleasure of working with several of the groups this year.  Sunday was the big day.  DG took first place again this year.  G Phi and Chi O rounded out the top 3.  Below are videos for some […]

Announcement – Two New DJ Residencies

Quick announcement:  Starting this month, I will be taking on resident roles in both fort collins and denver, co.  My home base in foco will be rec room.  If you havent been, this is HANDS down the hottest spot for night life in fort collins.  A very cool nightclub feel. Amazing people.   Amazing staff.  This […]

New Mix – The Best of 2018 – Hip Hop

There has been a few times now where I take a curated playlist and turn it into a mixtape. Personally, I feel like mixtapes are a better way to listen to a collection of music.  Either way, Jay Z just released his “best of 2018” tidal playlist and I decided it was worthy of a […]

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 12.6.18 – 1123 Walnut St – Squared

We had a guest photog come in and grab some early pics thursday night.  Its that time of year with tons of formals, Ugly Sweater pub crawls, students leaving town, others coming in town for break.  Love this time of year in Boulder.  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE for the facebook […]

New Mix – The December 4th Project – Volume 6 – Jay Z Mix

Its that time of year again.  Every December 4th, I put out a new Jay Z mix.  I honestly thought I would run out of material after 4 or so, but now we in 2018 and volume 6 is here!  All 6 volumes are up at for free streaming and downloading now.  Thats 6 […]

New Mix – Live at Delta Gamma Date Dash – 11.8.18 – 1123 Walnut St

I dont think I’ve ever posted a live mix from a date dash before but this party was amazing.  Needs to be shared!  I took an hour of the live set and posted it over at  If you wanna listen and / or download now, click HERE for the direct link.  If you are […]

Pics From Last Night – DG Date Dash – 1123 Walnut St – Squared

Been a ton of these private parties at 1123 Walnut St this semester.  Last thursday, DG came through to show how its done!  The theme (clearly) was all denim.  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE to see the facebook gallery.  Ill be back at the club thursday and saturday night this week.  […]

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 10.27.18 – 1123 Walnut St – Squared Nightlife

Another glipse at a night at 1123 Walnut St. Last night was the usual madness + Halloween Costumes.  Always makes for an extra special party.  We gave away $175 in prizes for the costume contest.  If you missed out, we will be doing this again this wednesday (Halloween Night).  We will be giving away another […]

Halloween 2k18

Alright, Boulder. Its that time of the year.  We are going to go ahead and celebrate halloween twice this year.  1st up, Saturday, October 27th.  And of course, Wednesday, October 31st is the real deal.  BOTH nights we are doing $1 Jello shots all night long and giving away $175 in prizes for the costume […]

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