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Announcement: Thursday Nights Have Moved

Its the end of an era, Boulder.  Absinthe / Boulder House / Foundry is closing down.  I posted about this a couple weeks ago, but now the real time has come.  Starting immediately, I will be moving my thursday night party across the street to the Walrus.  They will be giving out $2.75 call drinks […]

Boulder House (Absinthe) Thursday Nights Update/Rumors

A lot of you have been asking and hearing rumors.  Now that the official info is public, I can talk about it: It is true that Boulder House (formerly Absinthe) will be closing on November 2nd, 2017. Shortly after, it will be renovated and will become a food operation (with a bar)… Hopefully awesome!  But […]

Grad Week 2017

The absolute, unquestionable, biggest week of the year for boulder is here!  Grad week 2017, baby!  First of all, on the real, this is always a bittersweet time for me.  A lot of you who are graduating this week have been rocking with me for 4 years now and I love you for it.  Boulder […]

Absinthe House / Boulder House

So… As of today, “Absinthe House” is now “Boulder House”.  Here is what that means for us….  First off, I will be holding down thursday nights as always.  You can still expect the same party I put together every Thursday night, in the same place… same drink special, etc.  New management will bring some new […]

New and Improved

We are taking things up a notch this summer.  As of now, is has the ability to host and stream ALL of my past mixtapes.  This is awesome!  One stop shopping, people!  As of right now, we have 18 mixes loaded and we will add more this summer and hopefully get closer to a […]

Blog Post: Why I’m Launching this new Tuesday Hip Hop Night

I feel like this could use an explanation. A few weeks ago, we launched a new night in Boulder. Every Tuesday at the Walrus, we pay tribute to authentic hip hop. This is not the typical open format party you’re used to if you come to my other nights. I want to explain why though. […] – Mixtapes… Anywhere… Now

We have a new (much better) way to listen to the mixtapes this year!  We spent a few months making this PERFECT for you! is a streaming player that will always have my most current mixtape ready for you to listen ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on ANY DEVICE!  You can still download the mixes at here […]

Lets Clear Up These Absinthe Rumors…

My texts and twitter DMs just blew up with questions about absinthe rumors that are apparently going around.  I figured I could respond to everyone at once here. Absinthe is NOT closing.  Thursday nights are NOT going away.  Those were the main concerns most of you had so lets get that out of the way […]

Update: No October 2013 Mixtape

I figure this is the quickest way to respond to everyone at the same time. There wont be an October 2013 MixTape this month. Trust me, I’m not happy about it either! We had some flooding issues and the lab wont be back up and running for a couple weeks. BUT, I PROMISE, I will […]

Open DJ Night Every Tuesday Night at Absinthe – Starting Tonight

Heres the drilly:  Every Tuesday Night I will be hosting an Open DJ Night at Absinthe.  We will have 3-4 DJs each week who will be given 45-60 mins to do whatever they wanna do!  No rules!  At the end of the night, the crowd will help us pick who the winner for the night […]

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