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Whats going on with Fridays at Absinthe?

Alright… Everyone has been asking me about these absinthe fridays lately.  Heres the drilly:  In Boulder, August is when we (bar industry folks) work our asses off to get everything ready to launch for the upcoming semester.  The first announcement this year is this new friday night at absinthe… We are no longer doing versus. […]

Best of Boulder 2013

Tyler the Creator Receives Boulder Key To The City

This Friday Night (and every Friday after) – DJPetey vs Roos at Absinthe

Boulder!  Starting this Friday Night!  And, ever Friday after!  DJPetey vs Roos at Absinthe!  We are setting up 4 TURNTABLES (no cds, no controllers, straight wax!)  I take one side of the stage, Roos takes the other, and we battle it out all night with a series of short DJ routines!  This is going to […]

Announcement: The Walrus Monthly Mixtape Series Launches in August 2012

If youve been paying attention this year, you know that I have released a monthly mixtape via and the podcast.  The Walrus has decided to get involved and will start to produce physical copies to give away 100% FREE every month!  Distribution details will be released soon, but we do know that you will […]

Grad Week 2012

Alright, Boulder… This is it!  Whether you work in this industry, or just party with those of us that work in this industry; this week is what its all about!  5 nights of absolute chaos and I’ve got the schedule for those of you who need to know where the place to be is!  Tuesday […]

And Another One…

Boulder Weekly came out with their Best of 2012 Issue today.  In the Best DJ arena, the kind people of Boulder gave me first in the club/party subcategory!  Yet another reason why I never want to leave!  I love you, Boulder!

Top Local Celebrity Voting for Best of Boulder

Opened up the paper this morning to check Best of Boulder and found my name in the Best Local Celebrity award section!  Big thank you to the Colorado Daily and a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me!  Not the category I expected to find myself in, but I love everyone who wrote […]

Thursdays w/ DJPetey on Facebook

We’ve got some very cool things in the works for Thursday Nights!  For now, we are launching a facebook fan page which will post party pics of the thursday night party every week.  If youre a thursday night fan, go like it – comment on it, share it, etc etc etc!  This is also where […]

CU-Boulder Ranked Number ONE Party School by PlayBoy for 2011

I like to personally take pride in this title!  Here is what PlayBoy had to say:  CU-Boulder is home to reefer madness. Not only does Boulder have 50 medical–marijuana dispensaries within its city limits, but every April nearly half the university’s 24,000-plus undergrads turn out for the annual 4/20 smoke-out on school grounds. Boulder […]

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