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New Mix – Songs For Survival Vol 2

The very sad fact is that mixes like this still need to be made.  A few years ago, Jay Z published a playlist called “songs for survival” and I made it into a mixtape.  Last week, our world is still in a place where he (and therefore I) needed to make the sequel.  If you […]

New Mix – Live at Rec Room – Friday, 2/7/2020

Another one!  If you dont know… I DJ up in Fort Collins at Rec Room once a week.  The club is amazing.  The party is even better!  I recorded some of my set last friday and decided to post it online for you all to listen.  The direct link to stream is HERE.  If you […]

The 2010’s MixTape

The biggest songs of the past decade!  200 songs in 100 minutes!  Super fast paced.  A 10 minute megamix from each year of the 2010’s.  Mixed, Scratched and Produced by yours truly.  This is one for the books.  If you ever need to go back and see what the world was doing in the 2010’s, […]

DJPetey – Live at the Fox Theater – Delta Gamma Winter 2019 Winter Formal

Anytime I get to touch down on the Fox Theater stage is a good day!  Last week, DG took over the venue for their winter formal.  Literally a PERFECT night!  I recorded the audio and uploaded it at to share with you all.  Click HERE for the direct link.  Or, if youre a Podcast […]

The December 4th Project – Volume 7 – Jay Z Mixtape

Its that time of year!  Im a few days late on this one, but its up and ready.  (Possibly) the final chapter in what turned out to be a 7 year project!  As always, you can stream and / or download FREE over at  HERE is the direct link for this mix.  If you […]

New Mix – Live at Chi Omega 2019 Spring Formal – DJPetey and DJ Johnny Gear

Formal season was crazy this year!  I brought down the homie, DJ Johnny Gear for the Chi O formal at Boulder Theater last week.  We recorded the mix and posted it up on the site ( for you all to to have.  This was such a great semester.  Thank you for all the support and […]

New Mix – The Best of 2018 – Hip Hop

There has been a few times now where I take a curated playlist and turn it into a mixtape. Personally, I feel like mixtapes are a better way to listen to a collection of music.  Either way, Jay Z just released his “best of 2018” tidal playlist and I decided it was worthy of a […]

New Mix – The December 4th Project – Volume 6 – Jay Z Mix

Its that time of year again.  Every December 4th, I put out a new Jay Z mix.  I honestly thought I would run out of material after 4 or so, but now we in 2018 and volume 6 is here!  All 6 volumes are up at for free streaming and downloading now.  Thats 6 […]

New Mix – Live at Delta Gamma Date Dash – 11.8.18 – 1123 Walnut St

I dont think I’ve ever posted a live mix from a date dash before but this party was amazing.  Needs to be shared!  I took an hour of the live set and posted it over at  If you wanna listen and / or download now, click HERE for the direct link.  If you are […]

New Mix – Live at Squared – 1123 Walnut St – Saturday, 10.6.18

Another Free mix for your pre-gaming needs.  This was recorded live at 1123 Walnut St (Boulder’s New Nightlife Spot) on Saturday, 10.6.18.  Another crazy night at the new place!  If you want to stream it now, click HERE for the direct link (streams on any device!)  If you are a podcast subscriber, check your feed.  […]

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