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New Mix – The 2-15-16 MixTape

New MixTape!  All new music for this mix!  Theres so much new stuff I wanted to include, I will probably have to drop a follow up soon.  But for now, enjoy this one.  As always, 100% FREE streams and downloads.  If you havent been over to the new site yet, its where all of […]

New Mix – Live from New Years Eve 2016 – MixTape

I took over Walrus for New Years Eve again this year with some help from the homie DJ Z-Staar.  I recorded an hour of my set for those of you who were out of town and missed it.  You can listen or download now by clicking HERE.  As always, all of my mixes are hosted […]

New Mix – The December 4th Project – Volume 3 – DJPetey

Its that time of year!  I started this a few years ago.  Basically, every year on December 4th I put out another volume of a Jay Z Mixtape until I feel like its been fully covered.  Right now, Its looking like there will be about 5 of them total.  A lot of people ask me […]

The Golden Era WakeUp Mix – DJPetey

This change in weather has had me back in my old school hip hop at home.  I put this mix together for myself to be honest.  This is how Ive been waking up lately.  But, I figured I might as well share it with you all.  Mostly early 90s underground hip hop tracks.  This is […]

New DJPetey Mix – The 9.15.15 MiniMix

I spent the summer asking for a lot of feedback about my mixes.  Most of you said you wanted shorter mixes that come out more often.  So, we are going to give that a try.  Today’s MiniMix is 35 minutes of new music!  I like this one a lot actually.  I think we are starting […]

The 90s Megamix Volume 2 (August 2015 MixTape) – DJPetey

Waaaaaay back in 2012 I put out a mixtape called the 90s Megamix Volume 1.  Since then, a week hasnt gone by that someone hasnt asked me when volume 2 will be coming out.  The wait is over, people.  And the set is now complete.  Volume 2 is here!  If you havent heard one of […]

July 2015 MixTape – Mixed by DJPetey – Now Streaming

This month’s mix is a BEAST!  Its been 2 months of themed mixes so this month is ALL NEW MUSIC and there is a ton of it!  You know the drill by now.  If you are a podcast subscriber, the mix should already be in your itunes.  For the rest of you, can you listen […]

New and Improved

We are taking things up a notch this summer.  As of now, is has the ability to host and stream ALL of my past mixtapes.  This is awesome!  One stop shopping, people!  As of right now, we have 18 mixes loaded and we will add more this summer and hopefully get closer to a […]

The 2015 Country MixTape – June 2015

The MixTape you love to hate! Every June, I put out my country mix for the year.  Its always the most hated on AND most downloaded mix of the year.  When youre day drinking on your porch, or spending the day on the lake though, this is what you need!  Trust me!  Anyway, you can […]

The 2015 Graduation Megamix

I look forward to this every year!  To acknowledge the people who will be graduating and moving on, every May I put together a megamix of the biggest songs in Boulder from the past year.  If youre one of those leaving us, its basically a tribute to your senior year of college.  Hopefully, something you […]

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