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“Boulders Own – DJPetey” Video

The very talented Hanna Rice did a quick video project about me for a class.  It turned out pretty awesome!

Countdown to 2017 360 VR Video

Watch on your phone in the youtube app for the full 360 degree VR experience!  

Academic Writing Style

Toes and palms are especially subject for this moist version of eczema. They will not appear the same as nail pitting, although toenail changes do occur with academic writing style fungal and meals breakouts. Yet, psoriasis that is simply could give rise to a disorder called nail pitting. These lesions frequently look like blisters and […]

Seventeen factors to ban glyphosate

Revise Post Howto Publish a Clinical Abstract A controlled summary summarizes your research-paper in a way that assists additional experts ascertain whether your document is applicable to their own function. Researchers frequently use abstracts to choose which papers to acquire, particularly if they are currently trying to find study within an online repository that only […]

Blog Post: Why I’m Launching this new Tuesday Hip Hop Night

I feel like this could use an explanation. A few weeks ago, we launched a new night in Boulder. Every Tuesday at the Walrus, we pay tribute to authentic hip hop. This is not the typical open format party you’re used to if you come to my other nights. I want to explain why though. […]

Top Body Language Tips

All of us learn of Ben Affleck who dropped from college and also have been extremely effective and individuals like Stewart, and it truly is worth looking at the various reasons why somebody might drop out of college while it could be the correct decision for many. Freshmen pupils are perhaps to dropping from university, […]

To the Boulder Class of 2014…

I’ll keep this short and try not to get soft here.  But a couple quick things need to be said. First off, to those of you graduating right now… CONGRATULATIONS!  But, not like in passing like you’re going to hear 673 times today and tomorrow… a for real congratulations!  Don’t let anyone tell you that […]

Tyler the Creator Receives Boulder Key To The City

Boulder Harlem Shake Videos – Awesome!

These just need to be shared!  There are obviously hundreds of these, but I flipped through and picked out my favorite 5 Boulder Harlem Shake videos.  Click “read more” below to check out the videos.  And, if there are any good ones i missed, hit me on twitter (@djpetey) and let me know!

Pic from Friday Night – 1.4.13 – Absinthe – Boulder

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