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Thank You!

2013: Last year around this time I made a decision to dedicate myself to boulder for 12 months.  I have always split my DJ time between Denver, Boulder and some out of town work, but I wanted to see what would happen if I put 100% of my energy in to my favorite; the town; […]

CU-Boulder Ranked Number ONE Party School by PlayBoy for 2011

I like to personally take pride in this title!  Here is what PlayBoy had to say:  CU-Boulder is home to reefer madness. Not only does Boulder have 50 medical–marijuana dispensaries within its city limits, but every April nearly half the university’s 24,000-plus undergrads turn out for the annual 4/20 smoke-out on school grounds. Boulder […]

Videos From Last Night’s J Cole Show In Boulder

Incredible, Incredible Show!  J Cole earned every bit of his hype last night at the Fox Theatre!  I caught most of the show on the flip cam and uploaded some of the highlights.  Click the “read more” button to check out the videos.

Las Vegas

Just caught the flight home from the most recent Sound Candy Vegas trip.  Rio, VooDoo, The Pool at Caesars, etc…. DJ Frank E and DJPetey spent 4th of July weekend (one of the busiest weekends of the year in Vegas) tearing up clubs and parties.  Stay tuned here for details on the next Sound Candy […]

Rock the Bells 2010

This has to be mentioned.  Whoever came up with this concept is my favorite person of 2010.  Rock the Bells this year is apparently based on acts performing their classic albums (some) in their entirety.  Check this out…. Lauryn Hill will be making her return performing selections from The Score and Miseducation; Wu Tang Clan […]

Words of Wisdom

This just needs to be posted.  Complex Magazine interviewed Lyor Cohen and here was one of the questions/answers: You’ve played an integral part in hip-hop for 25 years. Nowadays, people complain about the state of rap. What do you say to people who think hip-hop’s best days are behind it? Lyor Cohen: I like moments […]

This is a Big Deal, World

This is apparently the new image Dr Dre Posted on his site with text below that says… ““It’s almost time. Some big news is coming soon.” if you notice,  the background pics are faded out pics of Jay Z and Dr Dre….  This could obviously just be a song, but if its a project, this is a […]

“NY-Z” Documentary

I dont post a lot of stuff that doesnt deal directly with me, but I cant let this one slide.  Released today, a 15 minute documentary centered around HOV.

Best Drunken Twitter Rant I've Ever Read

First off, a disclaimer:  I cant take credit for writing this.   This was a series of twitter posts from @DJBriG.  I just feel the need to re-post it here out of fear that it might get lost in shuffle of late night, drunken, twitter ramblings.  Here is what the man had to say…..

DJPetey at the Walrus – Pic

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