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New Walrus Video Quick Mix

For those of you who havent seen/heard what goes down at the Walrus every Tuesday and Thursday Night, we put together a 15 minute long quick mix (with shots from the Walrus Cam) to get you up to speed. For those of you that know, this is your entertainment for the day. Podcast update and […] Site Update….

Alright, folks… Its been a while since I updated the site.  I redid the damn thing.  I have some very big things coming up that you will want to stay updated on (Boulder, especially needs to prepare itself)… Update – New Videos Section

We just added a new section to  We now have a seperate Videos Section for your viewing pleasure. This is where you can view our commercials, high lights and full length video mixtapes. We posted 4 past videos for the time being, so check those out now and stay tuned to for more!

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