Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 10.27.18 – 1123 Walnut St – Squared Nightlife

Another glipse at a night at 1123 Walnut St. Last night was the usual madness + Halloween Costumes.  Always makes for an extra special party.  We gave away $175 in prizes for the costume contest.  If you missed out, we will be doing this again this wednesday (Halloween Night).  We will be giving away another $175 for costumes and $1 Jello Shots all night long.  I will be handling the sounds.  A great excuse to go out on a wednesday!  If you wanna check out last nights pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  See you all Wednesday Night!

Halloween 2k18

Alright, Boulder. Its that time of the year.  We are going to go ahead and celebrate halloween twice this year.  1st up, Saturday, October 27th.  And of course, Wednesday, October 31st is the real deal.  BOTH nights we are doing $1 Jello shots all night long and giving away $175 in prizes for the costume contest.  So, get ready!  1123 Walnut St is the place!  I suggest getting there early (especially this saturday since its also homecoming).  Lines will get crazy!  See you all soon!

Pics From Last Night – Saturday, 10.20.18 – 1123 Walnut St – Squared Nightlife

We didnt get a ton of pics last night, but I wanted to share the ones we did grab.  This new place goes from empty to cant move FAST.  Late start, but great night! Next up on the agenda is homecoming 2018!  I will be at 1123 Walnut St Thursday, Friday AND Saturday night.  Cant wait to see everyone back in town.  Make sure you come by and say hello!  As far as last nights pics, click HERE to check out the facebook gallery. See you all next weekend for homecoming!

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 10.11.18 – Chi O Date Dash at 1123 Walnut St – Squared Nightlife

It never really feels like a new semester has actually started until the first really really good date dash. Last night was that night!  Chi O took over Boulder’s new nightclub (1123 Walnut St) early thursday night for an 80s themed 2 hours of amazingness!  After they left, we opened up to the public and had another crazy night.  I love these nights!  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Ill be back at Squared tonight after the game to hold down the booth.  See you all tonight!

New Mix – Live at Squared – 1123 Walnut St – Saturday, 10.6.18

Another Free mix for your pre-gaming needs.  This was recorded live at 1123 Walnut St (Boulder’s New Nightlife Spot) on Saturday, 10.6.18.  Another crazy night at the new place!  If you want to stream it now, click HERE for the direct link (streams on any device!)  If you are a podcast subscriber, check your feed.  It should be there.  If you want to check out the track listing, click “read more” below.  You guys seem to like these live sets so I will keep posting them from time to time.  Thanks for listening.  Hope you enjoy!

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 10.4.18 – Squared – 1123 Walnut St

This semester is already going by way to fast.  Family weekend is in full swing right now.  Homecoming is 2 weeks away.  This is crazy.  Last night was another great one at 1123 Walnut St.  If you wanna check out the gallery, click HERE for the facebook link.  This weekend should be insane.  Ill be back in Boulder to take over the booth on Saturday.  Hope to see you all then!

Squared Nightlife

Lets clear up some confusion. Especially for those of you who were out of town this summer. (I know we have explained this before, but now everything is official).  If you’ve been on pearl st lately, youve probably noticed that the old Walrus building has been almost completely torn down and is being rebuilt. This is a LONG process and in late May, we moved our party down the street to 1123 Walnut St.

We took over late nights at that location all summer and it is awesome! Brand new sound system, Brand new lights, Brand new dance floor, etc etc. As of last week, we are officially taking on a new name. Squared Nightlife is the new home of the Walrus Party! Same DJs. Same staff. Just a new and updated location. If you havent been in yet, come check us out. You wont be disappointed!

New Mix – Live at 1123 Walnut St – 9.1.18 – DJPetey

Another new mix for you guys.  I felt like Syllabus week needed to be documented, so we recorded part of Saturday night and posted it over at for you to enjoy.  Ive said it before, but these live mixes are great to listen to, but amazing for pre games, house parties, etc.  This one is almost 90 minutes of live DJing at a club night.  You can pretty much win the house party game with these live mixes.  Anyway, click HERE for the direct link. If you are a podcast subscriber, check your player.  It should be there now.  And you can click “read more” below if you wanna check out the track listing.  Welcome back, Boulder!  Enjoy

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 8.30.18 – 1123 Walnut St

Syllabus week 2018 is officially underway.  As you can see from last night’s pics, its been amazing so far.  The Rocky Mountain Showdown is happening right now!  This is a great week to live in Boulder!  Click HERE to check out last nights photo gallery.  Just a heads up, next week we are closed early in the week to renovate the restaurant, but we WILL be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday night!  I’m off tonight, but I will be back in the booth tomorrow to finish off syllabus week.  See you all then!

Syllabus Week 2018

Just in case you are new to the game, Syllabus week is the magic week of the year were everyone is in Boulder for class…. But noone really has to do anything for class.  Which means, we go extra hard this week.  The new spot is located at 1123 Walnut St.  Wednesday, we are giving free drinks to ladies til midnight and $1 drinks from midnight to close.  Thursday is $2.75 call drinks for everyone all night long.  And we have $3 select draft beers Friday and Saturday.  I will be holding down the DJ booth Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  DJ Johnny Gear will take over for Friday night. Welcome back, Boulder!  This is gonna be a good week! See you all soon!

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