Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 11.30.17 – Walrus

These new thursdays CONTINUE to dominate!  So dope to wake up excited every thursday morning!  Finals kick in a couple weeks so make sure you dont miss the next couple thursday nights before break.  If you wanna check out a few of the pics from last night, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  Im up north tonight, but I will be back in Boulder at Walrus Saturday to finish this week off right!  See you all then!

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 11.16.17 – Walrus

We snuck in one last crazy thursday night before fall break.  Next thursday is Thanksgiving so we wont be hosting the usual weekly party.  We will be back STRONG the following week though!  If you wanna check out the pics from last night, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  I will be back at walrus tonight.  For those of you still in town, come through and say hi!  Hope you all enjoy your break.  See you soon!

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 11.9.17 – Walrus

BIGGEST THURSDAY NIGHT YET!  That doesnt usually happen in the middle of November!  So excited to see this night grow and develop.  We’ve got a lot coming up on these Walrus Thursdays.  Definitely stay tuned.  As far as the pics from last night, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  I will be back at Walrus tonight AND tomorrow night to hold down the last home football weekend.  See you all out there tonight!

“Boulders Own – DJPetey” Video

The very talented Hanna Rice did a quick video project about me for a class.  It turned out pretty awesome!

Pics From Last Night – DG Date Dash – 11.2.17

Another amazing DG date dash in the books!  Before we opened up to the public for my new Thursday Nights at Walrus, we let DG take over for a couple hours. When DG takes over though, its a whole different level of party.  Always a good time!  If you wanna see the pics, click HERE to check out the facebook gallery.  Im back at Walrus tonight for the usual Saturday night magic to finish off the weekend.  See you all soon!

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 11.2.17 – Walrus

I dont know how you all recovered that quick after halloween.  But I appreciate it!  As you all know, I moved my weekly thursday night party over to Walrus (from absinthe) a few weeks ago and its been amazing!  Winter break is sneaking up on us though.  We only have a few more weeks to finish off this year right.  If you wanna check out the pics from Walrus last night, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  If you came out, I love you.  If you didnt, hit the pics to see what you missed so you can come through next week!  I’ll be up in FOCO tonight, but Ill be back at Walrus tomorrow night to finish off the weekend.  See you all soon!

New Mix – Live from Boulder House – 10.26.17 (feat DJ Jary Mane)

I brought in the up and coming DJ Jary Mane to rock with me for the last Thursday Night at Foundry / Absinthe / Boulder House.  Ive had so many amazing nights in this building… This is definitely the end of a great run.  I dont know what will happen for the next couple months, but its looking like soon, it will become a restaurant space.  Of course I need to thank everyone who took over that location and let me continue my thursday night.  The Foundry (specifically) will go down in history as one of the best nightlife venues in Colorado.  Anyway, we did record part of last thursdays set and its streaming now at .  Click HERE for the direct link.  Click “read more” below for the track listing.  Thank you to EVERYONE to came out to celebrate the last one with me.  Next stop is Halloween Night at Walrus!  See you all there!

Pics From Last Night – Friday, 10.27.17 – Walrus

Halloween AND Homecoming at the same damn time!  Its always the best part of my year getting to see everyone come back in town.  This has been the craziest week ever (broke a couple sales records too…) The last thursday night at Foundry / Absinthe / Boulder House; followed by the biggest weekend ever at Walrus for homecoming and Halloween.  We brought in the photog friday night to capture some of it.  If you wanna see the facebook gallery, click HERE.  We’ve still got the REAL HALLOWEEN coming up in a couple days.  So, rest up!  Ill be back at Walrus Tuesday night for the official throwdown!  Costume Contest, etc etc etc.  See you all soon!

Halloween Night 2017 – Walrus

Of course, this week is Homecoming AND Halloween.  So, there is some overlap with my previous blog post, BUT, Halloween Night is the focus here.  Walrus took it up a notch yet again and has the best decorated bar HANDS DOWN!  Halloween Night falls on a Tuesday this year and I will be holding down the crazy decorated dance floor at Walrus.  This is one of those nights were you have to get there early if you want to get in.  That line will get very out of control, trust me.  There is a costume contest with tons of prizes.  Overall, one of the best parties of the year.  Mark your calendars!  One week from today, it all goes down!

Homecoming 2017

This is one of those years where the two biggest events of the year fall on the same week.  Homecoming and Halloween Weekend are both jumping off THIS WEEKEND!  I will post my Halloween Night details here soon, so check back for that, but as far as this week, heres what we are looking at:

Wednesday, 10.25 – Ladies Night at Walrus – Ladies drink FREE from 9-12 and get $1 wells from 12-close.

Thursday, 10.26 – The Last Thursday Night at Boulder House – Youve probably heard by now but Boulder House is coming to an end.  I have moved my thursday nights to Walrus, but I will be returning to Boulder House for one night only to close out this colorado legend!

Friday, 10.27 – Walrus – Special Edition Halloween Fishbowls

Saturday, 10.28 – Walrus – Special Edition Halloween Fishbowls – Halloween Costume Contest

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