New Mix – Live From The Walrus 7.7.18

I’m back on my mixtape grind this summer!  Today’s post is a live mix from last saturday at the Walrus Party (1123 Walnut St).  An hour and a half from a packed night at the new spot.  If you wanna listen and/or download now, click HERE for the direct link.  If you are a podcast subscriber, check your feed.  It should be there already.  If you wanna check out the cover and track listing, click “read more” below.  I’ve got at least a couple more mixes coming this summer so stay tuned over at for more free music!

Update – The “New Place”

Still getting a lot of Walrus questions and questions about the new place.  First off, I want to say Thank YOU to everyone who has been through to check it out.  I didn’t expect the support to be this strong.  We have had an amazing first month; packed every thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  And this week was extra good with a huge Tuesday and Wednesday with everyone celebrating the 4th.  The renovations have gone great so far and we still have a lot of great stuff in store!  (we are expanding the dancefloor and adding a pool table this month and there will be even more to come after that!).  We didn’t expect to have to create more space right away.  But thanks to everyone’s overwhelming support, we now have to tackle the issue of to many people.  That is what we are working on now.  Late night food is also in the works by the way.  Anyway, I really just wanted to say thank you and update you all on the progress.  If you are one of the few who haven’t seen the new place, it’s located at 1123 Walnut st (3 doors down from the old walrus, inside the Boulder Beer Building).  We still have plenty of summer nights left this year.  Hope to see you all out here!

New Mix – Live From Beaver Creek – Summer 2018

I dont take on a ton of wedding events, but this one last week looked pretty promising, so I jumped on it.  I also, recorded some of the afterparty and threw it on my streaming site ( to share with you all.  Click HERE for the direct link to stream now. Gotta love being able to take a weekend trip up to the mountains for “work”.  Anyway, this doubles as a nice summer time mix (IMO).  Im gonna get back into the habit of posting more mixes soon.  I promise.  So stay tuned for more.  Hope you enjoy.  (click read more below to check out the track listing).

July 3rd, 2018

No School or work on Wednesday the 4th. Means, we get to throw a tuesday night party! We will have $2 Stoli Vodka drinks and $3 select beers running all night long!  DJPetey & DJ Jary Mane controlling the sounds.  No reason not to go out on tuesday this week!  The new spot is located at 1123 Walnut St, Boulder CO (inside the Boulder Beer Building).  See you all tuesday night!

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 6.21.18 – 1123 Walnut St

We are officially one month into the new location and literally EVERY thursday, friday and saturday night have been packed!  We are still making improvements to the new spot, but everything is going so good so far!  I cant thank you all enough for the support!  We brought in the photog to grab some pics last night.  If you wanna see those, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  I will be DJing up in the mountains this weekend but I will be back in Boulder next friday.  Hope to see you all soon!

Sunday, May 27th – Memorial Day Weekend Party

Grand Opening Weekend has been absolutely crazy!  You guys have pulled through! Hopefully you like the new venue.  We definitely love having you here!  This is a 3 day weekend, so of course we have to throw a Sunday Night Event!  We will be running $1.75 well drinks and $3 select beers for everyone all night long.  Lets finish this weekend off right, Boulder!  The new spot is located at 1123 Walnut St (3 doors down from the Walrus).  I will be handling the music.  This will be a good one!  See you all tomorrow night! (click read more below to see the full flyer)

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 5.24.18 – Grand Opening – 1123 Walnut St, Boulder

Grand Opening Weekend is HERE! We kicked things off at the new location last night.  (1123 Walnut St in Boulder for those who dont know).  Capacity with LITERALLY a line around the block!  The lights were incredible.  The sound was incredible, but none of that matters if the crowd isnt incredible and YOU ALL made it a night that will go down in the Boulder history books!  I cant thank you enough!  If you missed last night (or if you were there and wanna see what ELSE happened), click HERE for the pics.  We will be back at it again tonight and all weekend long (no school or work monday, so we will be tearing down sunday night as well).  Ive got DJ Jary Mane in the booth with me tonight to set things off.  I really want everyone to get to experience some part of grand opening weekend, so if you were at red rocks last night, tonight is your night!  See you all soon!

Boulder’s New Home for Nightlife

Been working on the sound and lights for this place non-stop for 3 weeks.  Grand opening is Thursday, May 24th (this week) at 10pm!  I havent been this excited about a new venue in a long time.  This one is for you, Boulder!  I literally cant wait for you all to see it!  $2.75 call drinks for everyone all night long this and every thursday night.  I will fill you all in on more details later.  Check back here soon!  Click “read more” for the full grand opening flyer below.

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 5.10.18 – Grad Week – Walrus

We could only get pics for the first hour of the night.  After that, it became to full to even get around with the camera.  But we did get a few in before the chaos!  Click HERE if you wanna check those out on facebook.  Tonight is our last night in this building.  We will be moving down the street starting May 24th.  I will post all details on that tomorrow, so check back in for the full story.  But, most important, come through tonight, have one last fishbowl in the basement.  I cant wait to show you all the new space.  This is going to be the best summer ever!  See you all tonight!

Grad Week 2018

Grad week is the week I basically live for.  I will be holding down the Walrus all week long this year.  Tuesday – Saturday Night.  These nights get very very busy, very very fast!  Make sure you show up earlier than usual if you dont wanna get caught in that walrus line.  I expect to see all of my seniors this week one last time!  Come through!  Also, expect a very exciting announcement about the Walrus very soon.  Big things are happening this summer for those of you staying in Boulder!  Check back here soon for details!

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