Announcement: Thursday Nights Have Moved

Its the end of an era, Boulder.  Absinthe / Boulder House / Foundry is closing down.  I posted about this a couple weeks ago, but now the real time has come.  Starting immediately, I will be moving my thursday night party across the street to the Walrus.  They will be giving out $2.75 call drinks to EVERYONE, ALL NIGHT LONG.  Call drinks are the good stuff, people.  No more need to drink cheap liquor!  This is going to be amazing!  I will be back at absinthe one more time in a few weeks for their last week.  Check back here in a few weeks for details on that.  But, for now, come celebrate Boulder’s newest thursday night party with me at the Walrus!  Hope to see you all there!

Live from Boulder House – Thursday, 9.14.17 – DJPetey feat DJ Jary Mane

Anotha one!  To be honest, I probably should have been doing a lot more of this all along.  But with the absinthe / boulder house era coming to an end, I wanted to record some of these nights to keep.  This was from last night, Thursday, 9.14.17.  I brought DJ Jary Mane back to work with me.  This is a small, 30 minute section of the night.  I have one more thursday night here on Thursday, October 26th!  I promise you, we are going to make that one extra special.  As for what Ill be doing on thursdays til then, stay tuned….  As for the mix though, click HERE to stream and/or download now.  Or, click “read more” below to check out the details.

New Mix – Live at Boulder House – Thursday, 9.7.17 feat DJ Jary Mane

As you probably now know, Absinthe / Boulder House / Foundry is going out of business.  The countdown has begun.  A lot of the details are still up in the air, but to take advantage of the time we have left, I brought in DJ Jary Mane (super dope dj) to rock with me last thursday night.  We recorded our set and published it over at .  This mix is a guaranteed party starter!  I dare you to play it at a party and not have it explode!  Anyway, listen and decide for yourself.  If you are a podcast subscriber, you should have it already.  Otherwise, click HERE for the direct link.  You can stream on any device.  Im hoping to post more of these between now and nov 1.

Boulder House (Absinthe) Thursday Nights Update/Rumors

A lot of you have been asking and hearing rumors.  Now that the official info is public, I can talk about it:

It is true that Boulder House (formerly Absinthe) will be closing on November 2nd, 2017. Shortly after, it will be renovated and will become a food operation (with a bar)… Hopefully awesome!  But definitely not the same.  On a personal level, this is very bittersweet for me.  I built thursday nights at that building back when it was “The Foundry”; rebuilt it when it was “Absinthe House” and carried it through now that it is “Boulder House”.  It had ups and downs like anything else, but without question, thursday nights in this building has been one of the longest running and most successful nights ANYWHERE.  Definitely one of the things I’m most proud of in my career and its going to hard to see it go.  That being said, change is not a bad thing!  I cant go into detail yet about what I will be working on next for Boulder, but you should definitely stay tuned!

In the meantime though, things are still up in the air.  Here’s what I do know:

This week and next week (September 7th and 14th) I will be holding down thursday night as usual.  I will be bringing the up and coming DJ Jary Mane to rock with me.  We are in the studio heavy right now working on some new material for those nights.  Also, those two nights, I have asked that they change the drink special to Ladies Drink Free ALL NIGHT LONG!  If we have to go out, might as well go out strong!  So, mark your calendars!  September 7th and September 14th are nights you will not want to miss!

As far as what happens after that, I will let you know.  Stay tuned here ( for OFFICIAL info.  I hope to see you all out this thursday night!  Let the countdown begin!

(click “read more” below to check out this thursdays flyer)

Pics From Last Night – Wednesday, 8.30.17 – Chi O Party at Owsleys

Chi O has this thing where they tend to throw the first party of the year and it tends to be one of the best parties of the year in Boulder, Period!  This year was no exception. On the 3rd day of classes, we took over Owsleys for a couple hours and tore it down.  Thank you as always for letting me be a part of it.  If you wanna check out the gallery, its HERE.  Hope you all had as good of a 3 day weekend as I did!  See you all soon!

New Mix! – The Electronic Funk MiniMix – DJPetey

Ive got plans for a few more mixes in the next month or so.  Theyre gonna be coming in fast!   This one is extra dope to me!  Lots of new, funky electronic stuff.  Of course remixed and scratched etc the way I do.  If you want to stream and/or download now, click HERE to head over to  If you are a podcast subscriber, check your feed, the mix should already be there.  If you wanna check out the track list, click “read more” below.  Hope you enjoy it!

The 2Pac Mix – Mixed, Scratched and Produced by DJPetey

In honor of the 2Pac movie coming out today, I locked myself in the studio for a few days and put together what I consider the ESSENTIAL 2Pac mix!  Its not easy to narrow down 2Pac songs.  This thing runs a little over 2 hours long and has almost 80 tracks.  But theyre all NECESSARY!  Anyway, lets cut to the good stuff.  To stream or download the mix now, head over to – the direct link is HERE.  You can stream on any device (laptop, phone, tablet, whatever).  If you are a podcast subscriber, you should already have the mix in your feed.  If you wanna check out the track listing, click “read more” below.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it.  And if you like the mix, you should probably go check out the movie this weekend!

DJPetey – 360 VR Video – LIVE at Grad Week 2017

I put together a LIVE 360 Virtual Reality video for Grad Week this year.  Basically, I recorded my sets on thursday and  saturday night and pieced it all together into one 26 minute video and mix.  Next time, I promise Ill get better angles, but this is pretty cool!  As far as watching / listening, you have a few options.

  • If you just want to listen to the mix, you can stream the audio on any device over at – the direct link is HERE
  • If you want the full 360 VR experience, you will need to watch it on your phone (preferably with google cardboard or another VR headset) USING THE VIMEO APP.  Just open the app and search for this link:
  • If you want to just watch the video on your laptop, you can still drag around to get the full views, but it takes the virtual reality part out of it.  If you wanna go that route, I embedded the video below.


Grad Week 2017

The absolute, unquestionable, biggest week of the year for boulder is here!  Grad week 2017, baby!  First of all, on the real, this is always a bittersweet time for me.  A lot of you who are graduating this week have been rocking with me for 4 years now and I love you for it.  Boulder and me, will miss you.   Sincerely, THANK YOU for being here and making boulder what it is and CONGRATULATIONS!  Most of you reading this now probably have one or two more finals left, but after that, weve got 5 nights of parties!  I’ll break it down where I will be this week and whats going on so you can hopefully come through and rock with me one more time!

Tuesday, May 9th – Walrus – $2 flavored vodka drinks for everyone all night long

Wednesday, May 10th – Walrus – Ladies night from 9pm-??? (they cut ladies night off early on grad week, so get there early!)  Wednesday of grad week is HUGE.  Trust me!

Thursday, May 11th – Boulder House (formerly Absinthe) – Ladies drink free from 9-midnight.  This is the night before graduation.  This is a MONSTER night!

Friday, May 12th – Walrus – Special edition graduation fishbowls – This is the pinnacle of the week!  You wont want to miss this!

Saturday, May 13th – Walrus – Just to finish it off right!  They will keep the graduation edition fishbowls running

If you wanna check out Walrus’ grad week flyer, click “read more” below.

Pics From Last Night – Thursday, 5.4.17 – Chi Omega Formal – Folsom Field

Spring is always full of “last one of the year” scenarios.  And there are few things I hate more than finishing something on a bad note.  Luckily my “last” formal of the year was with CHI O and was at FOLSOM FIELD on a PERFECT night with a PERFECT view.  I’m happy.  If you wanna check out the pics, click HERE for the facebook gallery.  We arent done with this year yet though, Boulder.  Grad week starts now!  Ill post more info on that later on.  For those of you studying right now, good luck with finals.  For the rest of you, youve been warned.  This week WILL be absolutely insane.  Check back soon for details.

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